Services and Maintenance

Monthly & Yearly Contract Maintenance

A primed, quality generator will certainly help fill your electricity needs especially when the main source of electricity, the PLN, is experiencing interferences or difficulties.

Regular maintenance and service of your generator will optimize your generator and preserve its high performance during such times of need.

Powerindo Sejahtera offers services to maintain/ service generators and LV/MV/Control panels from various brands such as  AKSA GENERATOR, Baudouin, KOHLER, John Deere, MAN, Doosan, Deutz, FG Wilson, Perkins, Cummins, MTU, Yanmar, Volvo, Mitsubishi. along with a very experienced and certified maintenance team.

Every generator that is being used as a main or stand-by power source must be regularly checked, to not only ensure that the machine runs efficiently, but also to prevent any fatal and unexpected damage.

The maintenance needs generator that is being used as a back up source of power when electricity from PLN goes out is often forgotten. A generator must be regularly serviced and upkept to ensure that when its needed, the generator can perform optimally. This can be done through light service, which is an important part of generator maintenance. Light service can be done on a generator that has reached a cap of 200 hours of work, or a minimum of once every 6 months (if it is a stand-by generator), or whichever applies first.